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REBEL QUEEN has arrived! In ARC form at least :) ARCs are Advanced Reader Copies, and seeing the book with its beautifully embossed cover and vibrant colors finally makes it seem "real". Right now, only a few reviewers are getting copies. For bloggers, I like to give away the finished book, although I have to say, Simon & Schuster has done such a magnificent job on these ARCs that they actually look very close to the final product.

For those of you who haven't seen the news on my Facebook page, REBEL QUEEN is set in India, where I spent two months traveling to Gwalior, Jhansi, and the many places Queen Lakshmi both lived and fought. And while in India, I wasn't just busy with research. I was also getting married! If you are unfamiliar with traditional Indian weddings, they're unbelievably elaborate affairs, with music, food, dancing, and colors - lots of bright colors!

Michelle Moran's latest book, Rebel Queen

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