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Librarian Comments

Several thousand years before The Other Boleyn Girl loused up her sister's life, another royal lady did her best to get her own way at her sister's expense. We see Nefertiti as an elegant image, but her sister Mutnodjmet knew her as an ambitious political meddler. Readers looking for good historical novels will enjoy Nefertiti.
Jennara of Poughkeepsie Public Library

Michelle Moran's extremely accomplished debut, Nefertiti, tells the story of the Egyptian queen through the eyes of her younger sister, Mutnodjmet. Mutny narrates the story in first person, and what a story it is! One of power, intrigue, life, death and betrayal. It as all the ingredients of a steamy summer beach-read and better yet? It's steeped in Egyptian history (with some liberties, naturally - hey this is fiction) so you don't have to feel guilty for loving it...This is a really grand novel, and one that's just the ticket for readers looking for strong historical detail.
Wendy Crutcher, Super Librarian

Reader Comments

I read it when the publisher sent it to me with a request for a cover blurb. Terrific, classic historical fiction, with wonderfully-drawn characters (not that you can go wrong with a character like Nefertiti), wonderful details of early Egyptian history and culture, and a great plot. My younger daughter, who also read it, describes it as "Sincerely awesome!"
#1 NYT Bestselling Author Diana Gabaldon, From Diana's Website

I totally got into Mutny's heart. Power has a way of putting a person under threat, surrounded by people who can't be trusted. Nefertiti knows that people talk to Mutny because she's a good listener, and she's loyal. Nefertiti clings to Mutny to the point of becoming possessive. Mutny's no doormat though. I wish I could tell you more, but then I'd ruin the suspense. The magic Michelle works with Nefertiti is in the way she conveys the humanity we can all relate to. And she does it without falling back on the crutch of using a contemporary voice which ruins so many otherwise good historicals these days. You don't need to know anything about Ancient Egypt to enjoy this novel. Michelle does a wonderful job of transporting the reader back in time so you can see and smell everything, and without being too wordy about it.
—Kimberely K. Johnson, Enduring Romance

I think one of the reasons I enjoyed the novel so much was as an archaeology student I was greatly impressed by Moran’s use of archaeological evidence in her novel, she drew on a wide variety of sources including mummies and artwork to add factual detail to her novel. Her blending of different theories about the fate of Nefertiti is both convincing and exciting. Other than the occasional deliberate change to known history, Moran wonderfully explores possible explanations for the gaps in our knowledge of Nefertiti’s life. Nefertiti is one of the few novels I have read recently that I really could not put down, it actually made me cry... I really cannot wait to read the sequel.
—Miranda K.

It's hard to believe Michelle Moran is a debut author. Nefertiti: Queen of Egypt, Daughter of Eternity is a MUST read for this summer. Told in the first person by Mutnodjmet (Mutny) the story simply unfolds brilliantly. Nefertiti's strength and selfishness at the same time, Amunhotep/Akhenaten's selfishness and self-absorption, Mutny's goodness and strength, their father's drive for power that never overshadows the protection of her daughters, Nakhtmin's strength and love for Mutny. The story is epic in scale, but the story telling never suffers. I love that Ms. Moran tells the full story of love, anger, jealousy and betrayals between these two fascinating sisters. Nefertiti is a July 10th hardcover release, put this one on your TBB list, it's worth every penny.
—Tara Marie, Romance Reading Mom

I love this book, I think everyone should read it because it touches so many bases. It is an adventure novel because Nefertiti overcomes great odds to become a great pharaoh. It is a love story: love of country, love of family, love of gods and goddesses, and the love of lovers. It is a tale of two sisters trying to find their own destinies while still being as close as they were when they were children. It is a novel of power and overcoming great obstacles. It will attract any reader. One of my favourite reads of the year!
—Kailana, The Written World

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