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Bestselling Author, Michelle Moran Bestselling Author, Michelle Moran
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Michelle Moran  

Daniel Lazar
Writers House
21 West 26th Street
New York, New York 10010
Tel: 212.685.2400
Email: dlazar at WritersHouse dot com

Please, before you email Michelle, take a moment to read these FAQs.

Q: Could you read my manuscript?
Given the outrageously litigious times that we live in, I cannot read unpublished manuscripts. Imagine the trouble down the line if I should produce something with a similar theme or character to what someone wrote and sent to me over email.

Q: Could you give me advice for becoming an historical fiction writer?
Of course! Take a look at my Writers page, where I have listed dozens and dozens of sites that describe better than I ever could how to break into the publishing business by contacting agents, writing queries, and formatting your manuscript.

Q: I wrote to you several months ago and never received a reply. Did you receive my email?
Yes. I read all of my email. However, due to the amount of email I receive and the fact that I travel abroad so frequently, it may take a little while to reply to your letter. Please be patient, and feel free to look at my FAQs pages about myself and my novels. Perhaps your question/s may be answered there!

Also, you can find me on Facebook by clicking here!

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