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Writer's Corner | Writing Advice From Michelle Moran


Author Websites With Great Writing Advice

JA Konrath: Hilarious mystery writer and author-advice-giver extraordinaire

Jeffery A. Carver: Science fiction/fantasy writer

Tara K. Harper: Science fiction/fantasy writer

Nicholas Sparks:Bestselling romance/fiction writer

Karin Gillespie: Nonfiction writer

Holly Lisle: Science fiction/fantasy writer

Stephanie Rowe: Agent interviews, author advice and more



Writing Advice and Articles on Writing A wealth of articles by writers Dozens of great articles on writing

Alder and Robin Books: Dozens of great articles on writing

The Road to a First Novel: Writer’s Digest Article, by JV Jones and Betsy Mitchell

Proper Manuscript Format: William Shunn

Abs-Books: Articles on Agents, Queries, Unprofessional manuscripts and more

The Publishing Process: An overview from beginning to end



My Favorite Blog Posts About Publishing

The reality of having a book turned into TV/film
E-book piracy
What to pack for a book tour
Writing for money
Book-a-year schedule and its follow-up post
Comp Titles
The reality of making the publishing rounds
Writing Memoirs

Finding Agents and Publishers
I have an "idea" for a novel
Should I self-publish?
How long will it all take?
I'd write a book too if I had the time...
Writing confidence
Getting an MFA/reality of publishing short stories
Writers, rejections, publishing is "broken"


Switch from Editor to Literary Agent: Noah Lukeman interview, with some answers on an agent's routine
What Editors Do: A 2002 interview with an editor about the daily routine, what happens after a novel is acquired, etc.
Inside Simon and Schuster: A publishing story from acquisition to editing to publicity

Editor's Day: Why some manuscripts are accepted, others aren't, as well as some writing tips




Amazon Ranking: The truth unveiled— or at least partially uncovered

Publicity: Advice on Publicity

Donna Cross NY Times Interview: She discusses how she created buzz— BIG buzz

Romance Marketing Advice: Carolyn Jewel discuss the successful marketing of Romance

Big Publishers, Small Publicity: A realistic article on what to expect from publishers

Publishing Central: More marketing advice

Peter Bowerman: Pages of advice from a self-published author who's done very well for himself

Fiction Factor: Dozens of great articles on marketing, all by multi-genre authors

Trade Conventions: Best-selling author Tess Geritsen's experience on Trade Conventions




Foreign Rights: Deanna Carlyle offers astute advice on selling/understanding foreign rights

Book Jackets: Amanda Craig on book jacket design

Amazon v the New York Times: Who owns the rights to the NY Times' Bestseller List?

The Acquisitions Process: Publishing for Dummies explains the process of what happens when an editor likes a book

A Year in the Life of a Novel: What Happens After the Contract is Signed, by Shirley Kennett

The Mystery of Advances: by Justine Larbalestier

The Book Standard: Sales figures; subscription necessary

Marketleap: How successful is your website?
Book cover video: Step-backs, die-cut, foil and more!


Writing Bloggers

Ms. Snark: Yikes! Watch out. She's a mystery agent who'll answer all of your questions about getting publishing and finding representation. But she's not called Ms. Snark because she serves tea and a cuddly smile with her advice... Although she has stopped blogging, anyone who ever thought of becoming a writer should stop here first and read the archives.

M.J. Rose: From e-books to multi-book author. A publicity success. She also interviews writers for their "backstory".

Jennifer Weiner: Author of In Her Shoes and Good In Bed.

A Bookseller's Perspective: Selling books is more complicated, fun, and insightful than you'd think

Paperback Writer: Author news, publishing news, the life of an author, and more.

News, Views and Shmooze: By mystery writer Rochelle Krich

Lit Park: Author interviews and more!

Tayari Jones: Author of Leaving Atlanta as well as The Untelling. Great insights on publicity and writing.

The Lipstick Chronicles: A blog that covers author news, the writing life, publishing news, author websites and more

Women's Lit: Women's Lit Blog by Karin Gillespie

GalleyCat: Inside news concerning the publishing industry. You heard it here first!

Max Barry: Max Barry philosophizes on the writing world and a whole lot more

Tess Gerritsen: This best-selling author of thrillers blogs about the writing life

The Knight Agency: Inside information in the form of a daily blog from the hard workers at the Knight Agency

PubRants: Like the title says!




Other Helpful Sites Just For Interest's Sake

Technorati: Look up how many times your name is mentioned on blogs If you have a website, this site will check all of your links for any that are dead

DidTheyReadIt: This site allows you to track your email to determine when a recipient read your letter, for how long, how many times, where they read it, and more. Scary! But useful?

Building a Writing Website: Advice from an author

Create A FavIcon: Create your own icon on the address bar of your personal website.

La Vie En Rose: Book Gift Baskets that come with musical CDs, tea, socks, pewter bookmarks and more!

Para Publishing: Statistics on American publishers, the average book-buyer, prices, bookstores and much more

FixThisPhoto: does an amazing job on photos! Want to be thinner or erase those laugh lines?

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